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Why would I join Team Gäöl?
Because we are just that, a team, every member is just as important, regardless of how big (or small) your contribution to the team is. Team members that contribute (flush) more will of course be mentioned more often (in the stats posts on our forum) than those who contribute less (more milestones, higher ranked). But when it comes to forum posts and polls everyone’s input is welcome and appreciated.

Who is Team Gäöl?
We are a group of people, mostly from the Netherlands, from a village called Gäöl (hence the name), who as a team participate in distributed computing projects. At this time the Rosetta@Home project. We are a sub-team of the largest distributed computing team of the Netherlands called Dutch Power Cows.

What’s distributed computing?
Distributed computing is a science which solves a large problem by giving small parts of the problem to many computers to solve and then combining the solutions for the parts into a solution for the problem.

The goal of the Rosetta@Home project, from our point of view, is to get as high ranked as possible (nationally and internationally). We achieve this goal by making our computers run a piece of software. This software only uses the computer’s idle time, meaning you won’t even notice it’s running in the background. This software does some calculations on proteins and eventually comes up with a result, for which you will receive some points (depending on how long your computer took to get the result). Obviously the more points we all manage to return to the Rosetta@Home servers, the higher ranked the team will be. All of these calculations also have a purpose to them: the goal of the Rosetta@Home project is to find cures for all kinds of diseases. This is also why we picked this particular project, it contributes to medical science, which could be seen as our way of donating to charity.

Where do I sign up?
There isn’t much signing up that has to be done, so I would like to refer to our FAQ for this question: How do I join?. However if you find the setting up of the Rosetta@Home client to be difficult or have any other questions, you can contact me at [email protected].