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Team Gäöl History
Team Gäöl started of as a single user under the name of DesperateDan (Ronald) and at a different project: Distributed Folding, which goal is -just like the D2OL project- to find cures for certain diseases. First results were turned in at 26-10-2002, this date could be taken as the founding date of Team Gäöl. Soon after this date two users, Christian and Gilles, decided to join and a team was formed: DesperateDan was renamed to Team_Gaol. At later time, two more users joined: Alain and Arthur.

At this time the Distributed Folding project was still pretty unknown and had under 30 sub-teams / users flushing every day. With all members ‘flushing’ their results every day and with the help of a few computers at school during holidays, Team Gäöl managed to become one of the bigger teams, reaching #1 daily quite a few times. When the first part of the Distributed Folding project came to an end, our team was in 5th place overall.

When DF2 started it soon became obvious we wouldn’t be reaching higher than our previous 5th place: after a couple of weeks we ranked 6th. Following were a couple of front page posts which drew a lot of new users and sub-teams to the project, making us drop in rank. This made us look for other (smaller) projects in January 2004.

One of these projects was D2OL, first results were turned in at 27-1-2004. Only one slow computer was put on this project, to keep most power on DF2, hoping other user’s output would drop somewhat, leaving us a chance to improve our rank. After a couple of months we had dropped to a 20th place overall at the DF2 project, and weren’t able to reach top 30 daily anymore, this made us switch to the D2OL project in the second week of March 2004.

At this time the D2OL project also got some front page attention and again a lot of users joined. So far we have managed to easily stay within the top 30 daily and are still climbing in the overall ranks. Also the team’s size has doubled to a total of 12 people, it will need to get bigger if we’re planning on becoming one of the top teams of the D2OL project.

Update: 09-01-2005
Within the first year of D2OL the team has now (today) reached a 6th place overall and a 25th place worldwide, looks like it might be possible to repeat our success of DF1 in the D2OL project as well, although we are still a long way from 5th place. In the meanwhile the team has grown rapidly to a total of 19 members (of which 1 member has quit, sadly). Also the DF2 project has ended, with that DF has disappeared as a distributed computing project, the final result for us was a mere 66th place in DPC.

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On this site a lot has changed as well in the past year, we went from manual stats to a pretty extensive stats site, also we got our very own forum and towards the end of the year we even got a dot com address.

Update: 03-12-2005
At the beginning of this month (December 1st) we have switched to the Rosetta@Home project. Leaving the D2OL project with a total of 21 members in our team (not all that active anymore) and in 2nd place in DPC and 6th place worldwide. The reasons for leaving are simple: the D2OL project has pretty much died out because of the lack of news from the people running the project (for over a couple of years), thus making the project less interesting and less competitive because of a lot of people and teams leaving before us.

So on to a completely new project it is, with again the purpose to find cures for diseases Rosetta@Home seems to be the perfect project for us. Archetta was our first team member to be joining this project starting at November 6th, soon joined by Gilles and Robert making them the first to turn in their Rosetta@Home results for Team Gäöl. Currently we have 7 members on this new project, but many still have to make the switch. In DPC we are in the top10 daily and in 15th overall, but this will change soon as Rosetta@Home is still a very new project and many people and teams (small and large) will be joining in the near future.