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Mirror site (IP)
Main site and a mirror site, if the main site doesn't seem to be updating, you could check the mirror site, if the stats are being updated there there might be a problem uploading all the pages for TG to the main site. If neither site seems to be updating, this most likely means no stats could be retreived from Rosetta@Home's main stats site (boinc.bakerlab.org). When the mirror site is down, this usually means my server went down or my internet died on me.

Rosetta@Home logo boinc.bakerlab.org/rosetta, this is the main site of the Rosetta@Home project. Here is were you can download the Windows client, clients for other Operating Systems can be found here.

Some general stats can be found on this site as well.

DPC Rosetta@home Stats This is where we can find some daily team stats (and more), see how well (or bad) we're doing today.

GoT logo Gathering of Tweakers /5, a forum where the daily stats are posted for all projects DPC participates in. Again this is where you're able to compare our team's score against other team's, but also read people's comments and see how DPC is doing in general.